Funds Management

We deliver superior asset performance and exemplary client service, through consistent active management processes across diverse asset classes.

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Investment Capabilities

At Lazarus, funds management is our sole focus where we offer licensed fund manager capabilities across Australia, Hong Kong and Cayman Islands jurisdictions. Our mission is to deliver superior asset performance and exemplary client service, through consistent active management processes across diverse asset classes. Our investment expertise extends across a broad range of asset classes including equity, fixed income and private investments.

As a multi-boutique firm we embrace a variety of investment styles, allowing our teams to implement the best approach for their respective asset classes. Our investment managers operate independently to encourage innovation and accountability, while consistent implementation of their investment philosophy and process is regularly monitored.

Stewards of
Client Assets

The aim of our work is to preserve and grow the real purchasing power of the assets entrusted to us by our clients over the long term. In fulfilling this purpose we will assume a stewardship role, including the effective exercising of our clients’ ownership rights. We will monitor, evaluate, and if necessary, actively engage or withdraw investments with the aim of preserving or adding value to our clients’ portfolios.

Protection of
Client Capital

We are steadfastly committed to putting our clients’ interests first. This fiduciary responsibility defines our relationship with clients and informs the basis of every decision we make. This core principle is the foundation of our business as we work to understand our clients’ needs, offer informed advice and execute strategies to generate excess returns and provide world-class client solutions.

Funds Management Philosophy

Lazarus operates and manages assets for third parties, which allows us to focus solely on their needs. Our approach in achieving performance from our funds is open and straightforward. Investors are rightly seeking out skilled practitioners who focus tirelessly on what they do best, and in this case, in the form of segregated products across borders.

We seek to partner with innovative investors to ensure that a successful portfolio management strategy is implemented and that all investment, operational or business issues that clients face are managed solely by us.

Global Perspective

Our investment teams are based in the markets or regions in which they invest. Investors understand our process and portfolios because they are transparent.

Turn Key Solution

We provide infrastructure, outsourced investment management, centralised dealing points (across all markets) and custodial services. We partner with our clients to tailor a solution within our platform that best meets their investment needs.

Group Culture

Everything we do is guided by this set of principles which define our character and culture. These enduring qualities are the shared convictions that we bring to our professional and personal conduct – they are a fundamental strength of our business.

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