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Lazarus Capital Partners’ new generation of global prime brokerage meets clients’ evolving margin financing needs by offering dynamic solutions and market leading capabilities. These capabilities bring access to leverage whilst combining critical asset protection and transparency with operational ease and efficiency.  We offer wholesale credit facilities which allow our sophisticated investors increase their purchasing power and boost their investments return. Execute through our multiple direct market access channels accessing key financial markets across the globe and leverage hard-to-borrow shares. Incorporate your investment and trading mandate from our wide range of institutional prime brokers and nominee services.

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Our clients’ borrowing, loan and collateral needs are met through a comprehensive financing platform, which can be customised to their trading styles and strategies. Our dedicated team works seamlessly with prime brokers to provide our clients with the tools to prudently optimise their portfolios and maximise their returns.

Multi-Currency Ledgers

At the heart of our share margin financing business is our ability to borrow and lend against securities. Clients gain access to exclusive portfolio structures through our long standing relationships with custodial lenders, agent banks and prime brokers. Clients also have access to alternative finance products including swaps or equity derivatives.

Take advantage of your access to leverage to maximise your returns. We participate in underwriting, structuring, sales and trading across multiple asset classes. Equities trading is conducted electronically through multiple market leading platforms, which links our clients to local and international exchanges.

Private Wealth

We offer a multi-boutique structure which allows our private clients to fully benefit from our wealth of expertise.

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Funds Management

By unlocking the Hedge Fund Value Chain, our interests are closely aligned with our clients’.

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Prime Brokerage

Servicing hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, asset and wealth managers.

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Cayman SPC Fund Platform

Turn key option for investors and fund managers within our platform that best meets their investment needs.

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