Lazarus Capital Partners offers superior solutions for prime brokerage, asset management and corporate advisory services across the Asia-Pacific region.

Privately owned with principals located internationally throughout the region, we offer impartial financial services to our sophisticated client base.

Our Approach

We deliver strong, consistent results built on global resources and relationships. This is achieved through thoughtful analysis, research and effective risk management.

Our Focus

Is built on capital preservation and absolute return, ensuring we place primary importance on ongoing risk management and investing for the objective of long-term positive absolute return.

Our Vision

Our strategic partnerships across the Asia Pacific region enables us to identify and partner with quality asset managers offering high grade asset management solutions across all markets.
Lazarus Capital Partners, Dale Klynhout

Empowering your assets

Lazarus Capital Partners engineers bespoke solutions that revolve around a client’s needs and preferences; and we deliver unparalleled results.

Ask us how we can better manage your assets.


The pillar of your portfolio

We create value by investing in great businesses where our capital, strategic insight and global relationships can drive transformation that unlocks the company’s potential.

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