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Lazarus Capital Partners provides comprehensive asset management solutions for institutional investors worldwide.

We are proud of providing our sophisticated clients with a discretionary service that offer’s bespoke solutions with client’s best interest in mind. Our success is measured on client success.

Institutional investors require investment solutions that are both relevant today and can endure over time. Lazarus Capital Partners provides a fully integrated solution to all of our institutional clients’ investment requirements. We believe in connecting clients with opportunities by providing solutions which are consistent with our clients’ objectives.

Our Clients

Our clients can expect our team to bring extensive industry and subject matter expertise with the ability to work successfully with diverse stakeholders.

Lazarus Capital Partners

Is well placed to provide a globally consistent and disciplined investment process across our capabilities which draws on the local knowledge and expertise of our team.

Global Resources

That’s what makes Lazarus Capital Partners a standout in attracting the finest professionals in pursuit of superior long-term performance for our clients.

We believe that intellectual capital is critical to providing innovative solutions and, ultimately, having a positive economic impact.

The Lazarus Capital Partners team share a common philosophy.

Our core investment belief is that good governance – clear investment beliefs and a well-executed process – is the key to delivering long term value to our clients. We recognise that best practice investment governance is essential to deliver on our fiduciary responsibilities and to help meet the objectives of our clients.

OUR vision

Our distinctive boutique model encourages an entrepreneurial and focused approach to generating investment performance, embracing a diverse range of investment ideas, philosophies and approaches across asset classes and styles.

Human resources are the most valuable asset within financial services. With the dedication of our principals we maximise the function of your assets to help you achieve results. By implementing effective corporate governance, situated among a collaborative working environment, Lazarus Capital Partners strives to create long term value for its client base.

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Private Wealth

We offer a multi-boutique structure which allows our private clients to fully benefit from our wealth of expertise.

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Funds Management

By unlocking the Hedge Fund Value Chain, our interests are closely aligned with our clients’.

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Prime Brokerage

Servicing hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, asset and wealth managers.

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SPC Fund Platform

Turn key option for investors and fund managers within our platform that best meets their investment needs.

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