Prime Brokerage

We aggregate prime brokerage relationships and execution to allow our clients access to the advantages of using multiple facilities.

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Prime Brokerage

Lazarus Capital Partners aggregates prime brokerage relationships plus legal and administration support, day to day support and execution to allow our clients access to the advantages of using multiple facilities. We offer the use of our very own central dealing infrastructure to execute directly into any market via our range of market leading trading platforms.

The prime broker’s role has evolved with the growth of the hedge fund industry, and it provides a number of other useful services, including custody of the securities, loaning of securities for short sales, providing margin financing, and providing back office technology and reporting.

Role of the
Prime Broker

Hedge fund managers often trade with a number of brokers. The fund’s prime broker (if they have designated one) provides a consolidation service—this means the executing brokers are instructed to settle all trades with the prime broker.

Protection of
Client Capital

A prime brokerage solution developed with the needs of our client’s in mind, our comprehensive services combine critical asset protection and transparency with operational ease and efficiency.

Prime Brokerage Solutions

Our close relationships with a range of Prime Brokers and Custodians allows us to provide different types of clients the services traditionally reserved for major institutions only. In addition to this we will provide operational support via legal, administration, compliance and regulatory advice.

As a client you can obtain stable and prudent securities finance in accordance with regulatory and risk based margin requirements. We are structured to deliver a wide range of services across a full range of instruments, regardless of strategy type, trade structure and product complexity.

Highly competitive Direct Market Access (DMA) trade executions services.

Prime custody clearing of multi-asset classes.

Asset protection.

Securities financing.

Structured trades and financing.

Reporting technology.

The Benefits of Boutique Prime Brokerage

Lazarus Capital Partners features in Hedgeweek’s Prime Brokerage in Focus report, detailing the rise of the boutique prime brokerage industry and how asset managers can use boutique prime brokers to increase operational efficiency and free up resources for alpha generation and business development.

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