Sydney Harbour’s most traditional and exciting sporting championship.

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Lazarus is excited to re-enter our partnership with the 18 Footers League, giving our community of clients an association with one of Sydney Harbour’s most traditional and exciting sporting championships. We are excited to announce that a new crew will be flying the Lazarus flag this season. The team has posted victories in previous years 18ft Spring Championship, and are excited to join a partner committed to excellence on and off the water. The Lazarus Capital Partners Racing Team is our contribution to a historical and prestigious institution in Australia –  an endeavour which we invite our stakeholders to share in our successes and be a part of.

Click here for “Lazarus sponsors’ two-boat challenge in the 18 footers” – by Frank Quealey 3rd November 2021

The 18ft Skiff

The 18ft skiff is considered the fastest class of sailing skiffs. The class has a long history beginning with races on Sydney Harbour, Australia in 1892 and later in New Zealand. The team will be racing against a fleet of Olympic and national sailing champions in a variety of yachting classes. The 18ft skiff racing provides spectators both on the water and along the harbour foreshores with the world’s most spectacular carbon fibre racing.

The 18-footers have raced on Sydney Harbour for over 120 years. They evolved from heavy wooden boats with a crew of 15 to the 3-person carbon fibre speed machines of today. The peak of their popularity was in the early 1920s and 1930s when thousands came out to watch the racing. It was as big as cricket or football is today. Those boats took a unique set of skills to manage. They carried ridiculous amounts of sail. Crew were ballast constantly working to keep the boat upright. One stray puff, or rogue wave, or miscalculation and it was all over for the afternoon. Click here for more information on the Sydney Flying Squadron’s 18-footer history.

Lazarus - Mark Foy Trophy 2022
2022 Mark Foy Trophy Champions, Italy

Lazarus congratulates our skipper Marcus Ashley-Jones, and fellow crew on winning the 2022 Mark Foy Trophy international 18 footer skiff regatta contested on Lake Garda, Italy. It was the 14th regatta of the championship series.

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